IMPORTANT: For 2016, the location chosen at the Espacio Riesco Events Center for the Inaugural Session is Don Alberto Grand Salon located on level 0. This activity is scheduled for Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 at 10:45 a.m.

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Standards and

Dear Exhibitor: 

Please accept our warmest greetings. We are pleased to provide you with the Exhibitor’s Guide we have prepared about the procedures for the Event in order to aide your participation.
Please read through this document, as it contains important points that will contribute to the success of your participation. In this Guide, you will find the Exhibitor’s Standards and Regulations.

This Exhibitor’s Guide has the goal of aiding you, as well as providing you with personalized attention when you so request.

Sincerely,  the  Organizing  Committee 


Exhibitor’s Standards and Regulations


Introduction | General information:

In the framework of PMA Fruittrade 2016, the Organizing Committee, along with Grupodos Eventos ( ), has prepared the “Exhibitor’s Standards and Regulations” document, to achieve optimal communication and control of all the work areas that must be used by attending companies in the process of setting up / taking down their booths.

Control and compliance with the Regulations: 

The Organizing Committee and Grupodos Eventos are responsible for monitoring compliance with the regulations for PMA Fruittrade 2016; its standards and resolutions are obligatory for all exhibitors and suppliers.


PMA Fruittrade 2016 will be held at the Espacio Riesco Events Center, located at 5000 El Salto Av. - Huechuraba – Santiago, Chile. Due to the recently passed Tobacco Law, the Convention Center's closed public areas are NO SMOKING areas.

PMA Fruittrade Exhibition Times:

  • 09 Nov 2016: 11:30am to 7:30pm

  • 10 Nov 2016: 9:00am to 5:30pm

Technical Specifications for your Exhibition

The exhibition area for exhibiting Companies is located on Level 1 at Espacio Riesco.

The exhibition spaces with “Standard Modules” are provided in modular format. It is very important to bear in mind that the structure and orientation of your Booth may vary depending on your location on the floor plan; please check all of this information in the “General Stands Layout” included in this guide or visit web site Floorplan HERE.


Please read the information and resolve any questions regarding your booth with your sales executive.

a) Set-up times


Exhibiting Companies with “Standard Modules”: These will be made available on Wednesday, November 8th, from 2:00pm. The setting up and complete fitting out of each Booth done by the setup teams each exhbiting company must be finished by 8:30pm that same day. Accredited personnel will not be allowed to transit after that time.

Accreditation Schedule for personnel  to assambly the stand

The schedule for the accreditation of your staff to assembling the stand is on Tuesday 8 of November between 14:00 and 17:00 hrs (as maximum). It is essential that such accreditation be made in the given time, since there will not be another time for that.

The place for the process is in the accreditation área,  Espacio Riesco.


Exhibiting Companies with “Special Modules” (Special Projects): The spaces to set up Special Projects will be handed over to the exhibitors on Monday, November 7th, beginning at 10 a.m. The setting up and compete fitting out of each Booth done by the set-up teams brought by each company must be finished by 8:30pm on Tuesday, November 8th. The design and layout of your Special Project must be sent to the organizers for approval before Friday, October 7th, 2016 to                                                                                                                                                   NEED SOME GOOD IDEAS? HERE


Please read the information and resolve any questions regarding your exhibition space with your sales executive.

b) The organizers of PMA FRUITTRADE 2016 will provide the following material and furnishings to each exhibiting company: 

  • Booth with a “Standard Module” of: 3x2 (6m2).

f) Exhibitors of equipment, machinery or vehicles must consider the following:

  • Provide the PMA FRUITTRADE 2016 Organizers with the technical sheets of the machinery being exhibited at the Events Center.

  • Suitably read about the access points set up by Espacio Riesco for this type of equipment and machinery. For this, contact the  production company, GRUPODOS Mrs . Nicole Campos ( cc tu Mrs. Francisca Figueroa (, who will assist and indicate Espacio Riesco's regulations, with the production company being the primary intermediary. 

  • Companies that exhibit machinery in the areas enabled for this are liable to the Events Center for any damage caused to their facilities.


g) When decorating/fitting out your Booth, consider the following:

  • The commercial spaces (Standard Modules) have a maximum height of 2.40 m measured from the ground. No part in a commercial space may exceed this height.

  • No material from the commercial space may spill over from the allocated area, occupying the corridor. The module provided cannot be drilled or nailed into, and no support system for publicity or other things that damage the material may be used.

  • Double-sided tape, packing tape or another material which can be removed or cleaned once the Booth has been vacated may be used.

​Closure of the Fair and Disassembly

  • PMA Fruittrade ends on Friday November 10th, 2016 at 17:30 hrs.

  • Disassembly begins immediately after the closure of the Business Forum, which is after the official closing.

  • The booths that have not disassembled on the day the event ends will be disassembled by the Organizing Committee, who will not be liable to the exhibitor for the elements exhibited, their packaging, samples and decoration, etc.

  • Any fine, extra charge, surcharge, etc. that the Organizing Committee must pay for problems and/or unavailability of the exhibition premises caused by these delays in disassembly will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Civil and Criminal Liability

  • PMA Fruittrade provides a Basic Security system (entry control). In order to provide the security conditions established, all those attending the event (exhibitor, authorities, guests of the exhibiting company, speakers, hostesses, executives, etc.) must wear a credential and this is the only measure of control. 

  • It is understood that members of the Organizing Committee are authorized to request the credentials of anybody not carrying the aforementioned identification on the premises, and may request them to leave if they to not meet this requirement. 

  • The Events Center and the Organizers of PMA FRUITTRADE 2016 are not responsible for losses or the breaking of objects and/or personal damages that occur within the premises of the Events Center and/or the parking lot.

  • The exhibitor must take the measures necessary to prevent accidents and other damages from the moment they take possession of their exhibition space, until they leave it (timeframe for the removal of the exhibited material).

  • The Organizing Committee and Grupodos Eventos do not accept any liability for robberies, theft, damage, losses and incidents in general, to the public, merchandise or any item or property that is located inside or remains on the premises where PMA Fruittrade is being held.

  • In accordance with this, we recommend that the exhibitors take out insurance with enough cover for the transportation of the material until it arrives at the event location, the exhibition period, and transportation to its next destination; as well as for civil liability related to these, their staff and their commercial space during the exhibition.

  • If the exhibition is cancelled for reasons not attributable to the Organizers (earthquake, disasters, fire, force majeure), they will not be liable, under any concept, for expenses or losses incurred by the exhibitors or contracting parties, and are not obliged to pay any compensation whatsoever.

  • The Organizers and Grupodos Eventos are authorized to unilaterally make commercial exhibitions, change the location of the exhibition, modify the dates of the event, change the times and other characteristics of the event; these changes do not imply any compensation for the exhibitors


The attention and coordination with the exhibiting companies at PMA FRUITTRADE 2016 will be done by the Organizing Committee and Grupodos Eventos.

Prior to the event: if you have any questions, contact Mrs. Nicole Campos by e-Mail: cc to Mrs. Francisca Figueroa by e-Mail: or call her at +562 2792 31 97 / +562 2792 31 78 or +562 2981 25 82. During the Event: directly at the Exhibitors’ Service Desk located on Level I (Exhibition Area).


Electricity:  Intervention in switchboards, electrical circuits, telephone networks and other services, is only permitted by the staff of the Conventions Center, who will access these, if necessary, through the Organizers.

Cleaning: The cleaning of the circulation area is the exclusive responsibility of the PMA FRUITTRADE 2016 Organizers. The exhibitor is responsible, however, for cleaning and collecting trash within the exhibition space during the exhibition period.

c) Considerations for the Set-up Team:


  • All material for the Booth must arrive at the Events Center prepared for installation. No type of “dirty” work is authorized (e.g.: painting, cutting, others).

  • All material being used to fit out and decorate the Booth must be self-supporting. The Events Center does not permit placing or affixing any element to walls, carpets or structures. It is not permitted to staple, paint or stick any type of sign, poster, canvas, photograph, etc. on the walls, doors or ceilings of any part of the Events Center. 

  • Each exhibitor's exhibition must have a good level of aesthetics, graphics and be functional. The Organizers of PMA FRUITTRADE 2016 may request the exhibitor to improve these if they consider that their appearance needs improvement. 

  • Each exhibitor is liable to the Events Center for any structural damage caused to their facilities. 

  • Each exhibitor must inform the PMA FRUITTRADE 2016 Organizers, on the set-up day, if they have additional material; its installation is subject to the Organizer's approval.

  • Each exhibitor or company hired to carry out set-up work at their booth will be responsible for the staff hired for these purposes and will follow the “Work Safety Standards”, and in the case of any incident involving their employees will know the necessary measures to be taken.

Note: Any equipment or merchandise that enters the premises (whether these elements are for exhibition, decoration, lighting, sound or other purposes) must have a Delivery Docket, with a copy given to the entry control of the premises. This is the only valid document that permits any element to leave the exhibition premises. The transportation and care of the material within the exhibition premises is the exclusive responsibility of the exhibitor.



Exhibitor’s Guide


d) Accreditation of Exhibitor Personnel:

  • All personnel used for the event by the Exhibitor (guests, hostesses, company executives, etc.) who will attend PMA Fruittrade 2016 must wear the event's Credential visibly.

  • Personnel used to set-up the booth and/or contractors must be individualized in a list that must be given to the Organizers, at the latest on Monday, October 24th, 2016, indicating the name and identification number and position in the commercial space. People that do not comply with this will not be permitted to enter the premises.

  • During PMA Fruittrade there must always be someone in charge of the commercial space (Booth or equipment exhibition area).


e) Exhibitors that provide “Food Samples” consider the  following:

  • Comply with Chilean sanitary regulations.

  • Offer properly labeled, pre-packaged products. The events center does not have kitchens or culinary tools available to the exhibitors.

  • Have the current sanitary resolution.

  • Have hygienic serving materials at the booth (cups, spoons, napkins).

  • Exhibitors must inform the organizers about distributing food product samples. Please inform María Loreto Rossi ( and/or the Commercial Agent.

Note: All the services of foods and drinks, must be contracted with Espacio Riesco. Any external catering service, can not enter on Espacio Riesco.

1 Side: Graphics PVC: 1.95m x 1.95m

Single Value: $112.000 + IVA / USD$ 215 each


1 Rear: Graphics PVC: 2.95m x 1.95m

Value: $157.000 + IVA / USD$ 302


Before print, please check the number of sides that you need.

 >Exhibitor´s Companies Guide and Manual

Option for additional power:

2 Kw Single phase:  $120.800 + IVA / USD$232

2 Kw Three-phase:  $187.000+ IVA / USD$359

  • List with consumption of devices:

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